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Considering a Facelift in Kansas City? Get to know the Monarch Mini Facelift

Considering a Facelift in the Kansas City area? Welcome to Monarch Plastic Surgery.

We have five in-house board-certified plastic surgeons ready to meet with you and discuss the best options for your goals. If you’re considering a facelift, but still have questions about the procedure and why come to us in Kansas City, keep reading!

Is a facelift right for me?

If you feel like the creams, serums, and daily maintenance aren’t producing the desired results you’re looking for, a facelift could be a good option for you. Facelifts are not one size fits all, and it’s important to choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and who can deliver the look you want.

Before and after image of Monarch Mini Facelift showing beautiful change in neck, chin, cheek area.

Monarch Mini Facelift performed by Dr. Bene

Are all facelifts the same?

There are different levels of facelifts. A “mini facelift” primarily deals with the jowl area and some skin tightening. A “standard facelift” typically extends that incision behind the ear and down the hairline a bit to help tighten the neck. A more advanced technique, sometimes called a “dual plane facelift” can provide even more transformation when needed. Sometimes these procedures are combined with others such as eyelid lifts, chemical peels, or fat grafting to add volume to the face. That’s why it’s important to work with a surgeon who can customize the procedure for you.

What is a Monarch Mini Facelift?

A “Monarch Mini Facelift” is an awake facelift we complete in our office in Leawood. This facelift involves incisions in front of the ear, underneath the earlobe, and just behind the scalp. We use local anesthesia, so in many cases, you’re even able to drive yourself home after the procedure! Please check with your surgeon for details about the process!

before and after of monarch mini facelift performed by Dr. Bene

Monarch Mini Facelift performed by Dr. Bene

What is recovery time like for a mini facelift?

For the first day after your facelift, you’ll wear a lightly compressing garment to help with the dressings. Typically, patients may shower the next day and do most activities that are not overly strenuous. Your surgeon will direct you on the proper aftercare. Pain is generally mild and controlled with over-the-counter medications.

See more before and after photos, and work performed by each of our five plastic surgeons here.

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*Information for this blog was provided by Dr. Kalila Steen and Dr. Paul Leahy.