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Considering a Facelift in Kansas City? Get to know the Monarch Mini Facelift

Considering a Facelift in the Kansas City area? Welcome to Monarch Plastic Surgery. We have five in-house board-certified plastic surgeons ready to meet with you and discuss the best options for your goals. If you’re considering a facelift, but still have questions about the procedure and why come to us in Kansas City, keep reading! […]

Monarch Plastic Surgery MicroLaser Peel and BroadBand Light (BBL)

Jana, busy working mom and creative mind behind Adventures in Mom Life blog, receives a MicroLaser Peel and Broadband Light Photorejuvenation at Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center. Follow along on her journey to glowing, radiant skin!

Reverse Aging with Volume: How Injectable Dermal Fillers Make Your Face Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery

Want to look as young as you feel without plastic surgery? Injectable dermal fillers may be the perfect option for you! Learn more from our highly rated Nurse Injectors in this blog post.

LED Therapy For Your Skin

Light up your skin with LED therapy — Dermatologists and doctors have been using this non-invasive treatment for 20 years! Find out how it could help you say goodbye to your acne, give your skin an extra glow and improve your skin with other benefits. LED therapy uses energy to…

Trigger Finger…Monarch Surgeon Dr. Bene Explains What It Is

Have you been experiencing pain and tenderness in one of your fingers, maybe even to the point that it feels like it’s constantly catching and popping? You may have a condition called “trigger finger.” Read on to learn more about the condition and how we can help you!

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