Sandra, Tummy Tuck, Muscle Revision and Liposuction Patient

“I couldn’t be happier with my progress at one month! I saw Dr. Bene yesterday and he was happy with my progress as well. His demeanor is so great and I adore his nurses; they share in your excitement and being such great energy to the process. I have what I would consider mild swelling and hardening of certain areas in my midsection- all normal and less than what I’m seeing in most other women. Dr. Bene gave me instructions on massaging and scar care for best results. I’m also cleared to start working out which is sure to be a slow and experimental process!

I’ve been trying on clothes in my own closet. I’m down 8 pounds but not a full clothing size but my clothes sure fit better! I’m excited to shop for the clothes I felt I couldn’t wear before!

I do think it’s making sense to me what I read so frequently before my surgery, that this is a contouring procedure and not a weight loss procedure. My abdomen is contoured for sure but my thighs and my rear are just as they were. I know that I can improve those areas with working out and eating healthy but to expect your entire body to change when you are only having a TT with lipo and muscle repair is out of touch. I think having reasonable expectations, having the strength of mind to know you can get through a couple of weeks of “difficult” AND choosing a great plastic surgeon are the keys to success here. Not just in your physical outcome but in your overall emotional outlook during recovery.

Perspective is key! I can look at pictures of other women all day long and compare myself to them but comparison is the thief of joy! There are so many variables; body composition, work done, weight and height- all of it. If you can stick to comparing to your old self, you will be far happier!”