Gabby, Breast Reduction Patient

“Dr. Bene recommended a breast reduction for me and I got it on Valentine’s Day. I was a 36DDD and really wanted to be a B. I have fought back pain & a smaller size was not a concern. He was very genuine and listened to what I asked and said. His nurse is fantastic. She made herself available after surgery, always. I stayed in the hospital 23 hours and they took my drains out which was nice but 1 week later, I had a hematoma in my left breast and Dr. Bene addressed it the next day, by having a follow up surgery to put the drain in again. He took great care in making sure all healed nicely. I am now 2 months out, scars are doing well and I am so grateful I had it done. I am now, by bra size a 34 c or 36b, but my posture is wonderful, easier to walk, sit, etc. I go back again in 2 months.

I am using scar silicone strips and in between, I massage with BioCorneum. Due to good instructions from Dr. Bene and my help from nurse, I am so happy I saw him and am now able to feel better about myself.”