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Clare, Facial Surgery Patient

“Dr. Killion removed a fat necrosis in a delicate place beneath my eye. The procedure was painless and left no scar. She has gifted hands and a great demeanor. She exudes confidence. I would highly recommend her.”

Lisa, Tummy Tuck Patient

“Best decision I have ever made. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction in April 2021. I am so happy with my results. Dr. Hodge and his staff are amazing. Everything was explained in detail and they took the time to answer any questions I had honestly and thoroughly. I knew exactly what to expect with my recovery process. Highly recommend!!!”

Tiffany, Breast Augmentation Patient

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Leahy. The facility, as well as the nurse, took wonderful care of me. In addition to the quality care, I’m also very happy with the change of my appearance. I had no idea how much I would enjoy having a breast augmentation. Regarding recovery, it was exactly 4 weeks, like Dr. Leahy predicted, that I was able to go back to doing things as normal and working out.”

Demi, Breast Augmentation Patient

“Dr. Leahy does excellent work! I absolutely love my results and my healing time was quick. I was worried about being in pain after my procedure but was pleasantly surprised by how little pain I had when taking the medication regimen Dr. Leahy prescribed. Very highly recommended.”

Dana, Breast Reconstruction Patient

“Dr. Killion performed breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy 11/19. I unexpectedly had to have more treatment which will require her to revise the implants. I trust her skills and judgement and know that any question or concern I have will be addressed. Highly recommend this self described perfectionist….because she will keep at it until she is satisfied. (I told her I just want to look like I have boobs under my shirt….she has higher expectations!) Highly recommend.

I trust Dr. Killion’s skills and judgement and know that any question or concern I have will be addressed. Highly recommend this self described perfectionist….because she will keep at it until she is satisfied.”

Gabby, Breast Reduction Patient

“Dr. Bene recommended a breast reduction for me and I got it on Valentine’s Day. I was a 36DDD and really wanted to be a B. I have fought back pain & a smaller size was not a concern. He was very genuine and listened to what I asked and said. His nurse, Susan, is fantastic. She made herself available after surgery, always. I stayed in the hospital 23 hours and they took my drains out which was nice but 1 week later, I had a hematoma in my left breast and Dr. Bene addressed it the next day, by having a follow up surgery to put the drain in again. He took great care in making sure all healed nicely. I am now 2 months out, scars are doing well and I am so grateful I had it done. I am now, by bra size a 34 c or 36b, but my posture is wonderful, easier to walk, sit, etc. I go back again in 2 months.

I am using scar silicone strips and in between, I massage with BioCorneum. Due to good instructions from Dr. Bene and my help from nurse Susan, I am so happy I saw him and am now able to feel better about myself.”


Sandra, Tummy Tuck, Muscle Revision and Liposuction Patient

“I couldn’t be happier with my progress at one month! I saw Dr. Bene yesterday and he was happy with my progress as well. His demeanor is so great and I adore his nurses; they share in your excitement and being such great energy to the process. I have what I would consider mild swelling and hardening of certain areas in my midsection- all normal and less than what I’m seeing in most other women. Dr. Bene gave me instructions on massaging and scar care for best results. I’m also cleared to start working out which is sure to be a slow and experimental process!

I’ve been trying on clothes in my own closet. I’m down 8 pounds but not a full clothing size but my clothes sure fit better! I’m excited to shop for the clothes I felt I couldn’t wear before!

I do think it’s making sense to me what I read so frequently before my surgery, that this is a contouring procedure and not a weight loss procedure. My abdomen is contoured for sure but my thighs and my rear are just as they were. I know that I can improve those areas with working out and eating healthy but to expect your entire body to change when you are only having a TT with lipo and muscle repair is out of touch. I think having reasonable expectations, having the strength of mind to know you can get through a couple of weeks of “difficult” AND choosing a great plastic surgeon are the keys to success here. Not just in your physical outcome but in your overall emotional outlook during recovery.

Perspective is key! I can look at pictures of other women all day long and compare myself to them but comparison is the thief of joy! There are so many variables; body composition, work done, weight and height- all of it. If you can stick to comparing to your old self, you will be far happier!”


Gigi, Breast Augmentation Patient

“Dr. Dillow and Nurse Terri were fantastic! From the very start they treated me with high degree of attention and I felt extremely comfortable with the care I was receiving. I was extremely anxious to undergo the surgery and they were patient and reassuring – giving me ample time and information to make my decision. The end result is FANTASTIC. I look and feel very natural and couldn’t be more pleased! Dr. Dillow is a true artist – meticulous, conservative, and experienced. My only regret is not finding him sooner! Life changing results and great care!”

Kelly, Breast Implant Removal Patient

“Dr. Leahy and his staff are hands down top notch. He was referred to me by someone who had the same surgery I was looking to have. From the minute I met him I felt at complete ease. He was very attentive and focused on what I was saying, and realistic about goals. The surgery center was amazing. I felt like I had the best possible care I could have had. Everyone there was professional, kind, and attentive. After surgery, Dr. Leahy was quick to return any questions I had, even on a weekend. I am so grateful for him. I look forward to healing and know that I had the best possible care with an experienced surgeon who cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Leahy!”

Jane, Tummy Tuck Patient

“I can tell you that I never felt so young or vibrant and Dr. Leahy’s team was with me the whole way. I appreciated how available Dr. Leahy was throughout the experience. He made himself available via email and cell phone and calmed any fears. The follow up has been very thorough and I have appreciated all the tips along the way to get the best recovery. I can’t wait to hit the beach is the spring in a bikini with full confidence.

I would comfortably allow Dr. Leahy to use my before and after pictures for his exceptional work for my abdominoplasty. It is something that was personal to me and important to me and I appreciated the sensitivity and the confidence they provided me and having the procedure done at age 58.”