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Mandy, Breast Augmentation Patient

From the minute I stepped into their practice I felt like I was in the right place. It’s beautiful and everyone is so kind and welcoming. Meeting Dr. Leahy and his nurse Maggie was such a great experience from start to finish. They are both so kind and patient and I really enjoyed talking to them both. I felt so good after leaving my appointment, I scheduled my procedure two weeks later! They were so accommodating of my schedule and that really meant a lot as I have two young children. After surgery many times you go through highs and lows as you are healing and Dr. Leahy made sure to answer all of my many questions so quick and really put my mind at ease. Now one month later they are perfect and I truly feel so good about myself. Thank you Dr. Leahy!

Jennifer, Breast Augmentation Patient

I am about 4 weeks post op with Dr. Hodge and am so happy with my results. I’ve been trying on all the clothes that never fit right before and can’t wait to see how they change in the next few months.

Alex, Breast Augmentation Patient

My results look extremely natural and fit my body very well. I’m really happy with the high profile and the overall results. I had no complications and I am very grateful for that. Kimber, Dr. Hodge’s Nurse Practitioner, responded to all my emails and questions very quickly. Dr. Hodge specializes in high profile implants – if you want that look, he is your go-to surgeon. 10/10 highly recommend Dr. Keith Hodge!

Tara, Tummy Tuck & Liposuction Patient

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Bene and his team. He answered all my questions, which were probably a million!

Katie, Tummy Tuck Patient

Dr. Leahy is caring and very responsive to any concerns. I had a tummy tuck and have had results beyond my wildest dreams. I would have never achieved my results with weight loss alone and I feel (and look) better than I have since I was a teenager. Dr. Leahy takes the time to answer any questions and is always available by email. My confidence has soared and it’s so much fun buying clothes now! I’ve cleaned up my diet and although it’s not weight loss surgery, I’ve lost 30 pounds since my procedure. No more struggling to get into a yoga pose with a big tummy in the way and no more struggling to find clothes that camouflaged my tummy either. I am absolutely thrilled with my new lease on life.

Clare, Facial Surgery Patient

“Dr. Killion removed a fat necrosis in a delicate place beneath my eye. The procedure was painless and left no scar. She has gifted hands and a great demeanor. She exudes confidence. I would highly recommend her.”

Lisa, Tummy Tuck Patient

“Best decision I have ever made. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction in April 2021. I am so happy with my results. Dr. Hodge and his staff are amazing. Everything was explained in detail and they took the time to answer any questions I had honestly and thoroughly. I knew exactly what to expect with my recovery process. Highly recommend!!!”

Tiffany, Breast Augmentation Patient

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Leahy. The facility, as well as the nurse, took wonderful care of me. In addition to the quality care, I’m also very happy with the change of my appearance. I had no idea how much I would enjoy having a breast augmentation. Regarding recovery, it was exactly 4 weeks, like Dr. Leahy predicted, that I was able to go back to doing things as normal and working out.”

Demi, Breast Augmentation Patient

“Dr. Leahy does excellent work! I absolutely love my results and my healing time was quick. I was worried about being in pain after my procedure but was pleasantly surprised by how little pain I had when taking the medication regimen Dr. Leahy prescribed. Very highly recommended.”

Dana, Breast Reconstruction Patient

“Dr. Killion performed breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy 11/19. I unexpectedly had to have more treatment which will require her to revise the implants. I trust her skills and judgement and know that any question or concern I have will be addressed. Highly recommend this self described perfectionist….because she will keep at it until she is satisfied. (I told her I just want to look like I have boobs under my shirt….she has higher expectations!) Highly recommend.

I trust Dr. Killion’s skills and judgement and know that any question or concern I have will be addressed. Highly recommend this self described perfectionist….because she will keep at it until she is satisfied.”