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Kennedy, Liposuction Patient

Dr. Hodge and his entire team truly go above and beyond! He was very attentive and patient, and his staff helped answer my many questions and calm my anxieties. Both Dr. Hodge and his nurse followed up to check on me and were highly responsive. I was given beyond outstanding care and my results far exceed what I expected. He is the best of the best, and you are in good hands!

Debbie, Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Killion is remarkable. I am a grateful breast cancer survivor but after 10 years my breast felt uncomfortable and distorted. I was so blessed not to have cancer I didn’t say anything but, finally I called Dr. Killion. She was my angel and saved me. She knew right away she could make a difference and make me look better and feel better after 10 years. She was optimistic when I wasn’t. I am a new person because of her. Her enthusiasm and realistic approach to my situation was freeing. I felt so comfortable and confident in her knowledge and her “we can make you better” approach that I knew it was going to be ok. I have never felt better and feel so blessed that she was my doctor. I am grateful for her expertise and care. Also, my insurance covered this. I am forever grateful that cancer may have taken a part of me but that did not define who I was (and I survived where many have not). A great doctor made me whole again. That’s the truth.

Morgan, Breast Augmentation Patient

All my worries went away when Dr. Hodge came into the room and started talking through the process, took his measurements and answered my (many) questions. He might be the most professional physician I’ve personally experienced. His bedside manner was phenomenal and he’s extremely respectful. One of the things I liked most about him was his ability to listen. I am now 7 weeks post-surgery, measuring at a very full 34C, and loving everything even more as they get more into place. I barely even feel like there’s anything foreign in my chest anymore. Also, I must give a huge shoutout to Kimber, she is amazing and was so helpful through the process answering all my millions of questions.

Taylor, Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Hodge is a genius! Just as important, he is such a nice man. I’m a lifetime patient for him after he did such amazing work and with great care. His entire office is so nice! Kimber is an angel sent from above! Bless her heart for the millions of emails she answered. One thing you hear about Dr. Hodge is everyone loves him wherever you go. I can’t say enough good things about him and the entire office!

Jen, Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Hodge and his nurse Kimber are very informative and answered all the questions I had! I appreciate him being so honest with me, having so much knowledge and helping me reach my goal! It’s only been 8 days and I’m amazed by how amazing they look! The healing process was such a breeze! I highly recommend Dr. Hodge at Monarch Plastic Surgery!

Stacy, Breast Augmentation Patient

I have been wanting to get breast augmentation since I was about 24, when I lost all my post-baby weight and was left virtually flat chested. During consultation, Dr. Hodge was very kind, listened to all my questions and concerns, and was open with me about my anatomy, my wants, and what kind of results I should expect. His staff is all very friendly and helpful as well, and answered any questions I had leading up to surgery. Surgery went without a hiccup, and I am 16 days post op. My results are fantastic thus far! Both post-op appointments I’ve had went well, and Dr. Hodge and his staff explained everything perfectly, with warm, friendly attitudes. I was so nervous before starting this journey, and I really feel like I could not have picked a better surgeon. I am excited to see how my breasts settle and heal, looking like they did before I had kids!

Mandy, Breast Augmentation Patient

From the minute I stepped into their practice I felt like I was in the right place. It’s beautiful and everyone is so kind and welcoming. Meeting Dr. Leahy and his nurse Maggie was such a great experience from start to finish. They are both so kind and patient and I really enjoyed talking to them both. I felt so good after leaving my appointment, I scheduled my procedure two weeks later! They were so accommodating of my schedule and that really meant a lot as I have two young children. After surgery many times you go through highs and lows as you are healing and Dr. Leahy made sure to answer all of my many questions so quick and really put my mind at ease. Now one month later they are perfect and I truly feel so good about myself. Thank you Dr. Leahy!

Jennifer, Breast Augmentation Patient

I am about 4 weeks post op with Dr. Hodge and am so happy with my results. I’ve been trying on all the clothes that never fit right before and can’t wait to see how they change in the next few months.

Alex, Breast Augmentation Patient

My results look extremely natural and fit my body very well. I’m really happy with the high profile and the overall results. I had no complications and I am very grateful for that. Kimber, Dr. Hodge’s Nurse Practitioner, responded to all my emails and questions very quickly. Dr. Hodge specializes in high profile implants – if you want that look, he is your go-to surgeon. 10/10 highly recommend Dr. Keith Hodge!

Tara, Tummy Tuck & Liposuction Patient

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Bene and his team. He answered all my questions, which were probably a million!