Yvette, Eyelid Surgery & Breast Implant Replacement Patient

“I had eyelid surgery & breast implant replacement 9 months ago & I couldn’t be happier. When I went to Monarch Plastic Surgery I knew that Dr. Hodge was going to be my surgeon as he was a personal referral from a close friend. Him and his staff were very professional. He listened to my concerns and discussed my options. I had an issue with my right breast, Dr Hodge reconstructed that breast and replaced my old implants. My breast feel more natural than they previously did. I was most excited to have my eyelids done. I went from heavy eyelids with squinty eyes to eyes that pop, in a good way. Now when I apply my eye makeup you can actually see the eyeshadow on the lower part of my eyelids. My eyeliner doesn’t end up all over the top part of my eyelids, either. I’m constantly getting compliments on my eyes. I feel like I look younger & I am more confident in my personal & professional life.”