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Joy, Facelift Patient

“I am delighted and honored to offer my review for Paul Leahy, M.D. and Monarch Plastic Surgery Center.
When the time came for me to find a plastic surgeon, it was important to me with a family medical background, that I find someone board-certified in plastic surgery, well educated at a reputable institution, with extensive clinical expertise who wouldn’t fast-talk me into a cookie-cutter procedure and anesthetize me into oblivion. Dr. Leahy’s impeccable credentials exceeded my criteria.

At my consultation, he listened to and discussed realistically and honestly with me my wishes and goals, and spoke with me at a level that was respectful and never condescending. He tailored my procedure to address my specific concerns. At almost 70, I was not interested in looking like I was 20 again, I just did NOT want to look old!

My procedure was completed by Dr. Leahy with local anesthesia, I was awake and coherent throughout, and didn’t need a driver. Dr. Leahy explained everything in detail and educated me throughout the procedure. I never experienced one iota of pain, discomfort or anxiety.

Post-procedure, I experienced almost no swelling, I had no bruising and was back to work two days later. I am ecstatic with the results of my procedure, Dr. Leahy’s artistry and exemplary precision exponentially exceeded my expectations, and he subtly corrected asymmetry that I had not noticed before my procedure. The physical benefits also have psychological benefits: my confidence and self-esteem are restored, and I look and feel 20 years younger!

Dr. Leahy’s nurse, Miss Maggie, is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable and was readily responsive to every question Iposed and is consistently positive and cheerful.

The entire team at Monarch Plastic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation Center is brilliant and committed to ethical care for every patient. Miss Ashley is a phenomenal nurse injector, who is conscientious, honest and discerning. Miss Jenn is my experienced and capable aesthetician. Both have provided excellent assistance over the years, and help me to maintain my excellent results. I remain a very thankful and satisfied patient!

And finally, the first smiling face you will see when you enter Monarch is dear Miss Cena! Her warmth and enthusiasm welcomes everyone!! The good people and fine proficiency of the Monarch team is beyond stellar, they are all the quintessential professionals! My experience with Monarch has proven to be transformative and healing for every aspect of my body, mind and spirit!”