Facts About Labiaplasty Procedures with Dr. Killion

Pregnancy, genetics and the natural aging process can all affect the shape and appearance of a woman’s intimate anatomy. Elongated labia minora, the “lips” surrounding the vagina, can sometimes cause pain or discomfort when exercising, during intercourse or even when wearing slim-fitting clothing. Labial appearance can also cause some women to feel self-conscious, affecting their romantic relationships.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure Monarch surgeons perform that reduces and reshapes the length of the labia minora. According to Dr. Elizabeth Killion, a Monarch surgeon, “It is a procedure that has been around for quite some time, but more recently has gained a lot of attention and popularity.” Dr. Killion also points out that “Women who seek this procedure typically have both aesthetic and functional concerns.” There are several different techniques to labiaplasty surgery, which means our plastic surgeons can tailor the procedure to the specific needs and desires of their clients.

Communicate with Your Plastic Surgeon

According to Dr. Killion, “Patients typically don’t have a great deal of pain after the procedure and have minimal downtime.” The best way to determine which surgical approach might work best for you is to clearly communicate your goals with one of our plastic surgeons. Our highly qualified surgeons will work with you to select the option that will best meet your individual needs. Because there are so many different possible variables, open discussion with your plastic surgeon is essential to help ensure beautiful, natural-looking results.

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