EMSELLA® Treatments — What You Need to Know

Monarch Plastic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation Center has the technology to improve the lives of both men and women struggling with incontinence. The FDA-approved EMSELLA technology from BTL Aesthetics is revolutionizing women’s
intimate health and wellness and strengthening the pelvic floor to improve bladder control. Watch as Dr. Killion explains this revolutionary treatment!

EMSELLA is a type of chair you sit in — providing a noninvasive method that strengthens the pelvic floor. While staying fully clothed, this electromagnetic technology sends signals to the pelvic muscle causing it to contract — equivalent to 11,000 kegel exercises in over just 28 minutes.

What benefits do Kegels provide?

Performing Kegel exercises often can help to improve those that struggle with incontinence. The EMSELLA chair makes this simple, providing thousands of contractions in your pelvic muscle per second. The magnetic technology stimulates the targeted tissues of the pelvic floor, building up muscle strength to restore the support needed for the pelvic organs. This type of exercise tightens the vaginal wall, strengthens the pelvic floor, decreases stress and urge incontinence, increases sexual satisfaction and gives you the confidence you’ve been missing.

Who is a good candidate for EMSELLA?

Both men and women suffer from urge and stress incontinence. This happens when physical activity, such as laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising, puts pressure on your bladder. Those who suffer from these symptoms may feel embarrassed, isolate themselves or avoid social and work life. While this places negative stress on the wellness of the individual, EMSELLA can help you feel confident again.

Is EMSELLA painful?

The EMSELLA treatment is completely painless. It is a noninvasive procedure that sends electromagnetic signals to the pelvic floor muscle. The EMSELLA technology is designed as a chair — a simple procedure where all you have to do is sit and relax. While remaining fully clothed, the technology stimulates the muscle with thousands of contractions per second.

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