Debbie, Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Killion is remarkable. I am a grateful breast cancer survivor but after 10 years my breast felt uncomfortable and distorted. I was so blessed not to have cancer I didn’t say anything but, finally I called Dr. Killion. She was my angel and saved me. She knew right away she could make a difference and make me look better and feel better after 10 years. She was optimistic when I wasn’t. I am a new person because of her. Her enthusiasm and realistic approach to my situation was freeing. I felt so comfortable and confident in her knowledge and her “we can make you better” approach that I knew it was going to be ok. I have never felt better and feel so blessed that she was my doctor. I am grateful for her expertise and care. Also, my insurance covered this. I am forever grateful that cancer may have taken a part of me but that did not define who I was (and I survived where many have not). A great doctor made me whole again. That’s the truth.